The Observed Life: Gossip, Secrecy, and the Circulation of Social Knowledge

Wk 6, Secondary Reading: Leonora Sansay, “Secret History”

Hello all,

There is some additional reading, selected by our two guest instructors Professors Duncan Faherty and Sian Silyn Roberts, for our next class meetings: Wednesday October 12 or Monday October 17

Dillon, Elizabeth Maddock. “The Secret History of the Early American Novel: Leonora Sansay and the Revolution in Saint Domingue.” Novel 40.1 (2006): 77-103.

Woertendyke, Gretchen. “Romance to Novel: A Secret History.” Narrative 17.3 (2009): 255-273

I have listed these two articles on our class schedule but I have not linked to them. This is beacause part of your assignment is to find these articles yourself using the Queens College Library’s electronic recourses. Once you have located the articles, download them as PDFs, and make sure to bring hard copy (of at least the Dillon) to class with you. Remember: you can access all electronic resources remotely from your home by typing in the barcode on the back of your QC ID card.


  • Start here:
  • Use the left-hand menu and click on the tab “find e-journals”
  • Type the title of the journal into the search box
  • Select from among the list of databases that offer access to the journal. (Keep in mind that databases limit access by year; you will need to select a database that offers access to 2006 editions of Novel and 2009 editions of Narrative)

Try and do all this ahead of time so that, if you do get stuck, you can email me—or ask one of your classmates.

October 8, 2011

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